PSI-PP-101 OCEAN BREEZE ( Best Quality Potpourri Pack )

  • Material: Mixed Dried leaves and flower petals ,Best Pack in Poly bag .
  • Fragrance: OCcean Breeze , Easy to use, just keep this contain in any bowl/tray and place it in your house/office where you want , it’s ready to use .
  • Package Contents: 100 Gram Potpourri .
  • Best for use to fragrance your home/ office etc…..
  • We always care to give our label best quality and product in final pack .

100.00 175.00

  • Ocean BREEZE is Really a good fragrance.
  • Which is not only a fragrance, there many other benefit for you if you use it in your home / office / rest room etc.
  • INGREDIENTS:¬†Lemon Grass Essential Oil, Natural Herbs (dried leaves and flower petals), Incense Powder.
  • HOW TO USE:Empty the contents onto a tray or a bowl, and place it anywhere in your house (dry place) .
  • HOW TO REFRESH YOUR POUCH: Refresh the Potpourri after every 15 days with Same Aroma Oil and place at the same place again.

Aroma must be one of the most enjoyable applications of Aroma/essential oils, and involves vaporizing the oils in a variety of devices into the air that we breathe. This differs from having synthetically fragranced potpourri placed around a room, since with essential oil vaporization, you get both the benefit of a fragrant smelling room, plus the benefits of the therapeutic effects of the essential oils.


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